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How to prevent the medium-speed wire cutting machine from being damp

How to prevent the medium-speed wire cutting machine from being damp

Through the transformation of high-speed wire-cutting machine tools, the medium-speed wire-cutting machine tool realizes multi-cutting processing on the high-speed wire-cutting machine tool. This kind of machine tool is called "medium wire cutting machine" & 40; the so-called "medium wire machine" not only means that the wire speed is between high speed and vulgar, but also the processing quality is between high speed wire machine and low speed wire machine. between)

Therefore, it can be said that the medium-sized wire feeder referred to by the user actually refers to the reciprocating wire EDM wire cutting machine that can realize tapeless cutting and multiple cutting. Multi-cutting technology can significantly improve processing quality, solve the effect of material deformation during one-time cutting, improve processing accuracy, obtain lower surface roughness, and eliminate round-trip cutting stripes. However, the cutting process indicators, especially the cutting surface roughness value, Greatly reduced

The medium-sized WEDM machine is composed of the machine body, which is composed of the bed, wire feeding mechanism, worktable and wire frame. The bed is used to support and connect the workbench, the transmission line mechanism and other components, and the machine tool electrical appliances and the working fluid circulation system are placed in the bed. The motor drives the yarn storage drum to roll back and forth, and the rotary motion is transformed into a reciprocating linear motion through the wire frame guide wheel. The workbench is divided into upper and lower layers, connected by X and Y lead screws, and driven by two stepping motors. Each time the stepper motor receives an electrical pulse signal, it rotates a step angle to make the worktable move 0.001mm in the corresponding direction. The wire frame is used to support the welding wire and keep the working part of the welding wire at a certain angle with the plane of the worktable

In a humid climate, the moisture of the machine will accelerate the aging of the insulation data and reduce the insulation performance of the machine. Insulation materials tend to become very fragile under the effect of heat. After being impacted, they will crack. When moisture enters the cracks, even a small voltage will conduct electricity, causing damage to the insulating material. As the humidity increases, the exposed parts of the metal conductors will usually accelerate oxidation and corrosion, leading to increased contact resistance and local heating at the conductor connections. The following editor will teach you some preventive measures:

1. Try to use a sealed electrical cabinet. Install explosion-proof and dust-proof sponges at the vents, and customers only need to replace them regularly

2. Use machine tools with low hygroscopic electronic components and structural data

3. Do some waterproof treatments, such as spraying, impregnation and potting of important equipment of the wire cutting machine

4. Use acrylic film maintenance agent or silicone resin film maintenance agent to penetrate the surface of the electronic circuit board to avoid moisture intrusion

5. Clean the electrical cabinets in each workshop, place an appropriate amount of desiccant and cover the maintenance cover to ensure the sanitation of the electrical cabinets

6. Check all parts of the wire frequently, especially the electrical cabinet or motor circuit, and replace it if necessary to avoid wire aging and hardening



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